All sessions provide details related to the differences and advancements made with WebTMA 7.

Accounting in WebTMA Basic/Advanced

Review the accounting structure and learn how you can easily track costs whether you charge back to other departments or not. Learn how to establish accounts, post costs, and use chargeable work orders. Gain an understanding of the TMA Universal Financial Interface (UFI) and how financial data can flow between WebTMA and your accounting package (Workday, Banner, PeopleSoft, etc.).

Capital Planning Module

Properly managing the strategic plans related to your capital investments is an important facet of your job. This session will focus on how the Capital Planning module helps you achieve this goal. The session kicks off with capital planning theory and moves to the basics of how the product works. Learn how you can use this powerful tool to get a clear picture of your future capital funding needs by combining future cyclical renewal needs with your maintenance backlog. You can import facility condition audit information, generate FCI's and FCIN's on buildings, create cost estimates with the optional RSMeans licensing, and prioritize and organize Work Elements into Capital Requests and WebTMA Projects.  If accompanied by the Capital Projects module, Work Elements can also be organized into Capital Project Requests and Capital Projects. Have the data you need to make funding requests understandable and justifiable.

Capital Projects Module

Understand how the Capital Projects module can improve project planning and accelerate project schedules for generating the highest returns for capital projects and programs. Easily identify funding priorities, reduce project schedule overruns, streamline project cost accounting, and provide the integrated processes and analytics necessary for managing your capital expenditures. Manage direct expenses, meeting minutes, issues, and progress reports. Quickly post labor and parts to a project. Designate project team members, authorize accounts, designate funding sources, track task requirements at component levels and completion of tasks, and convert tasks into internal work orders. Most importantly, manage schedules and track milestones toward completions. The module integrates with WebTMA Capital Planning to allow importation of work elements.

Custodial Module & Grounds Modules

TMA’s Custodial Management and Grounds modules are evolving tools which have had significant advances. The modules continue to be transformed with additional features such as more streamlined workflows, use of the latest APPA and ISSA standards, and suggested dashboards for managing your custodial and grounds operations. The modules are easy to implement and simple to use. Most importantly, see how using mobileCustodial Inspections, mobileGrounds Inspections, and WebTMA GO can improve your efficiency. 

Facility Scheduler, Event Scheduler, and Fleet Management

See how WebTMA 7 has revamped the Facility Scheduler, Event Scheduler, and Fleet Management modules with a variety of new features and functionality that will help you efficiently manage, use, and schedule your organization’s valuable resources. Understand the benefits of each of these modules and how you can transform and improve your operational environment using them. Most importantly, see how these re-tooled modules will improve your user experience.

GIS for Facility Management

The GIS capabilities have been completely rebuilt to integrate mapping technology more effectively with modules such as the Scheduler and Request Log. Gain an understanding of how this technology can integrate with your assets, infrastructure, and other features in a geospatial manner with WebTMA 7. Learn how linear asset mapping and references can provide improved maintenance and management of transportation and utility infrastructure assets.

Inspections – Custodial, Grounds & Room Inspections

TMA offers four modules for inspections: Custodial Inspections, Grounds Inspections, Room Inspections, and General Inspections. This session focuses on the unique differences among these modules. Gain an understanding of the tasks that are being accomplished by each of these modules and the benefits created for your end users and the organization.  Learn how these modules can simplify and streamline your custodial and room inspection process. There will be a special emphasis on the efficiencies created by using the various mobile solutions for inspections.

Inspections – General Inspections

Gain an understanding of how your organization can effectively take advantage of the General Inspections module. Learn what General Inspections are, why you would use General Inspections, and how they can most effectively be set up. Learn the basics of how to create a General Inspection form, how to create inspection checks that need to be completed, and how to associate equipment with your checks. In addition, see the efficiencies that can be generated using General Inspections with WebTMA GO or mobileTMA General Inspections.

Key Management

In today's security-conscious environment, maintaining accountability for your organization's keys is paramount to the safety of everyone throughout the organization. The Key Management module has the features and functionality to manage vital security information concerning key holders and key access. Learn how to initiate the use of this module and how the Core Management tool works. The session will wrap up with tips and best practice processes that have been found to be most effective when using this module and the new user interface for requestor and key holder import.

Managing with MyPage and Executive Dashboard

MyPage and Executive Dashboards are powerful tools that provide real-time information for making timely, data-driven decisions. Enhance workflows for technicians, supervisors, and other users by creating functional MyPage tabs and Executive Dashboards. Understand how these powerful tools can provide critical information that is easily accessible from the log-in screens. The session will walk you through the basics of building various controls. Create simple controls in just a few clicks, or dive in and set up stacked bar charts for deeper analysis. There will be a review of the Executive Dashboards pre-configured (by TMA) role-based Dashboards – how they can be used or easily modified to meet a user’s specific needs.

Materials Management – Basic/Advanced

Learn how to organize and track inventory in an efficient and effective manner. In this session, the presenter will discuss what information and processes should be considered when setting up spare parts inventory within WebTMA. See the steps necessary for getting started such as: optimal vendor, manufacturer, parts setup, inventory techniques, warehouses, and purchase order basics. You will also be presented with some of the advanced features such as parts allocation, reorder calculation wizard, stock replenishment wizard, part transfers, setting part requirements for PM schedules, performing batch updates, selling parts using sales orders, and parts requests as they relate to the application and mobile devices.

Mobile Technology – A Review of TMA Solutions

Mobile technology is significantly improving productivity and customer satisfaction levels for business organizations in many industries. TMA offers a wide variety of options and platforms for mobile devices. Understand how these mobile applications can enhance productivity by enabling your personnel to electronically manage work orders and other facility information on handheld devices. In this session, gain a better understanding of the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of WebTMA GO, mobileTMA GO and the simplified WebTMA Workbench.

Mobile Technology – mobileTMA GO & WebTMA Workbench

mobileTMA GO & WebTMA Workbench are powerful tools for your organization. This session provides a general overview of these products and demonstrates their features and functionality. The session focuses on how the products can improve efficiencies within your organization by allowing technicians to spend their time completing work orders, performing PMs, taking inventory, updating meter readings, and completing inspections instead of filling out paper forms or re-typing data. Gain an understanding of the differences and advantages of these dynamic products.

Mobile Technology – WebTMA GO

WebTMA GO is TMA’s most robust mobile solution. Gain an understanding of the most effective way to use and implement this technology. See how your organization can best accommodate the technology and which processes need to be reinvented to create the greatest efficiencies for your technicians and supervisors. Most importantly, understand how this technology can change the way your organization performs their daily work.

Preventive Maintenance Concepts – Basic/Advanced

This session will take an in-depth look at Preventive Maintenance. Understand how an effective PM program can save your organization money, promote efficiency, and significantly improve up-time for your critical equipment. The session will focus on how to plan, design, and implement a completely new PM system or improve your current PM system. Learn how to manage your PM program using tasks, how to properly use master checks and failure codes, and how load balancing works. Special emphasis will be placed on make/model capabilities in WebTMA.

Project Management – Managing Facility Projects

Learn how the Project Management module can help you easily and effectively manage facility maintenance projects that require multiple work orders, budgets, and requisitions by tracking all costs, internal work, and purchases against these projects. Gain an understanding of the features and functionality of this module and the requirements necessary for implementing and completing a project. To wrap things up, we will show examples of proper dashboards and reports that will make managing your projects a simple and seamless process.

Request Management Solutions

WebTMA has a variety of new request management solutions for processing work orders more quickly and efficiently through streamlining the management and tracking disbursement of work requests. Learn which request management tool best fits your organization. This session examines the features, functionality, and workflows of the multiple solutions available. The session provides the basic information you need to make the correct choice. Gain an understanding of the Service Request module and the Advanced Service Request module. The session will also touch on how the Auto Attendant module can be incorporated in your workflow.

System Administration – Basic & Advanced  

The administrator of the WebTMA Solution has immense power to improve the user experience for the entire team. Learn the basics of how to accurately manage your data, how to properly manage user access, and how to effectively communicate with your users and customers. In addition, understand how to simplify system forms to create greater efficiency for your site’s workflows – how to easily hide unused fields, form tabs, and action menu links, and how to rename labels and records (to match your own nomenclature). In addition, you will review how to create required fields, read-only fields, and special customized forms for different Repair Centers, Security Groups, or Individual Users. The session will also cover how to establish automatic notifications and how to share information via MyPage and Dashboards.


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