Client Profile

The Choctaw Defense Services implemented WebTMA as their corporate-wide maintenance management system. They chose WebTMA because it was a fully integrated CMMS that could be deployed throughout all of the company’s business units beginning first with their support of the U.S. Coast Guard base in Kodiak, Alaska.

The selection process by Choctaw Defense Services centered on deploying a system that would give their users the greatest ease of use and encourage them to embrace the CMMS as a positive change to their day-to-day duties. The primary functions of WebTMA allowed Choctaw Defense Services to adequately handle work orders and the preventive maintenance program for the base. Additionally, they utilize the system to help in their analysis of manufacturers and contractors while continually incorporating system functionality in their business operations as they bring their remaining bases online.

TMA has met and continues to meet the needs and demands of this growing organization.