Client Profile

In 2002, New York Department of Environmental Conservation determined that they needed a system-wide solution for facilities and fleet maintenance and management. After an extensive search the decision was made to award the contract to TMA Systems. This decision came after the execution of a defined process that included comparisons of the leading software solutions within the industry and reviews of other state and federal systems that spanned a time period of more than 10 years.

With a permanent staff of approximately 350, supplemented with a seasonal workforce of nearly 1,000, the Bureau of Maintenance and Technical Services department (within DEC) is responsible for exercising care, custody, and control over an extensive and diverse group of public use facilities and lands. These lands range from protected, ecologically sensitive areas to intensively developed public recreation facilities. The department also operates 1,900 office and maintenance facilities, which house staff and equipment used to manage these operations. In addition to facilities, the department, through the utilization of WebTMA, also manages and maintains a fleet of approximately 15,000 vehicles and 2,745 other pieces of mobile equipment (lawn mowers, etc.)

The department is organized into offices and divisions, each focused on specific management and environmental objectives. To carry out this mission, the department allocates approximately 90 percent of its staff and resources to regional and sub-regional offices located throughout the state. Only the highest-level management functions, engineering design, and technical functions are consolidated in the central office at Albany. While the central office serves to plan, organize, direct, and control resources for operating and maintaining this complex infrastructure, the bulk of the responsibility for accomplishing the maintenance work falls within the regions.

The success of the project clearly exceeded the requirements and expectations of DEC personnel.