Client Profile

The University of Miami is separated into three locations: Academic, Medical, and Marine. Academic is located in Coral Gables, Medical is located in downtown Miami, and Marine is located on Key Biscayne.

The Facilities Administration Department is charged with the responsibility to clean, plan, design, construct, repair, maintain, and improve the buildings and assets at all three campuses. This is accomplished through a staff of approximately 200 operations personnel. There are an additional 20 administrative staff members.

One of the primary reasons for purchasing WebTMA was to automate the flow and accountability of work order processing for the multiple operating groups within the Facilities Administration Department. WebTMA supports the following basic requirements of the University of Miami:

  • Each location includes its own separate payroll and general ledger interface
  • Assures the ongoing ability of the Facilities Administration Department to provide planning and maintenance services in the face of the increasing volume and complexity of work at University of Miami
  • Maintains and improves optimum efficiency and economy in the performance of services
  • Provides timely facility and equipment repair services
  • Makes improvements to facilities and equipment
  • Manages large and small projects
  • Provides a tool for effective planning and scheduling
  • Manages workflow in terms of physical assets, parts and materials, in-house labor, and contract services
  • Provides statistical data for analysis of operational performance
  • Provides detailed accounting information for the Facilities Administration Department, customers and users

TMA has met or exceeded all these requirements and continues to work with the University in achieving their ongoing goals.