TMA encourages partners to invest in the TMA Partner Training Program (PTP). Regardless of whether they are a Sales Partner or a Business Partner, the PTP curriculum, which includes sales, end-user, and technical services, will maximize the return on their investment.

It is imperative to understand that the more knowledge Partners have about TMA products, the greater success they and their customers will have. Greater success for customers means better referrals and a win-win for the entire Global Partner Program.

To maintain the high standard that TMA sets, partners are strongly encouraged to have annual training to maximize potential opportunities for their investment in the partnership relationship; employ knowledgeable personnel; and provide customers with accurate, up-to-date information that will ensure successful installations and total customer satisfaction.

The curriculum for the PTP is simple and hassle-free. As part of the PTP, these courses are offered at the TMA Training Center located at TMA’s corporate headquarters, on-site at your location, or online.

Most organizations pursuing Business or Sales Partner status choose to meet their initial training requirements at our Tulsa headquarters. This provides partners with an opportunity to team up with TMA personnel and build the relationships necessary to be successful when they return home. Our training facilities are state-of-the-art and welcoming. Each class day includes lunch and an afternoon break, where our managers meet with partners to introduce themselves, answer any questions, and offer insight into our products and services. We also provide office supplies and documentation for each individual to use in class and keep afterward.

For more information about the TMA Global Partner Program and the TMA Partner Training Program, please contact:

Dustin Taylor, President
Phone: + 918.858.6683 
Fax: + 918.858.6655 

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