Effectively manage your IT network and infrastructure

WebTMA’s IT Service Management module tracks and accounts for assets related to your network and infrastructure. This includes: computers, servers, switches, routers, peripherals, and software. IT Service Management provides tools to more effectively manage, upgrade, and maintain your IT assets.

IT Service Management can record and track all your IT equipment. You can review sub-assemblies, related parts and costs, as well as track a detailed work history of repairs, modifications, and software installations.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintain complete records on all computer hardware, components, and software
  • Maintain and track software and licensing
  • Isolate and track IT equipment information
  • Assign personnel to work on IT hardware and software
  • Track the location of IT equipment throughout your organization, including within other equipment
  • Maintain MAC addresses, IP addresses, hostnames, and other information for each asset
  • Easily track vendor, manufacturer, and service information
  • Perform inventories, track conditions, and transfer IT equipment from one area to another using TMA’s mobile solutions*
  • Calculate depreciation, track replacement cost, and disposition of IT equipment
  • Inventory and track software and licenses for assets such as operating systems and installed applications

* Mobile solutions include mobileTMA, mobileTMA GO, and WebTMA GO