Effectively and efficiently manage your keys and cylinders

In today’s security-conscious environment, maintaining accountability for your organization’s keys is paramount to the safety of your organization. You will have the ability to effectively and efficiently manage your locks, keys, cores, and cylinders by utilizing WebTMA’s Key Management module. Key Management provides you with the ability to manage vital security information concerning key holders and key access.

Easily track the keys associated with your rooms, equipment, vehicles, tools, and other assets. Key Management is designed to track current information, including an audit trail for locks, cores, cylinders, bittings, keys, key rings, and key holders. In addition, when used in conjunction with the WebTMA CAFM* module, your key information can be presented in a fully graphical format by linking locks and keys to specific rooms and buildings within your CAD drawings.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase security by tracking all necessary key data
  • At all times know which keys every key holder has and the doors they can open
  • Log quantities of keys created, issued, lost, and destroyed
  • Maintain confidential bitting records and make them available to appropriate personnel
  • Manage all information regarding cross-keying and serialized and non-serialized keys
  • Keep detailed records on all key holders
  • Create reports on all lost keys and the key holder responsible for them
  • Track unique bittings by manufacturer and keyway
  • View bittings in a separate window or bitting report (controlled by user security)
  • Track misplaced keys and related responsibility
  • Track keys by department and function
  • Maintain historical data by key and key holder for keys created, issued, lost, and destroyed
  • Assign keys to rooms, equipment, vehicles, tools and other assets
  • Manage master keys, sub-master keys as well as change keys
  • Issue and track keys by key ring
  • Categorize locks and keys
  • Link keys, key rings, and key holders to repair/cost centers
  • Report on key access information related to locks

* Requires a license for WebTMA CAFM