A browser-based work request system that improves your organization’s quality of service and response time

Using the standard WebTMA Service Request module, your maintenance organization will operate in the most efficient and professional manner possible. The module provides a variety of pre-formatted request forms that can be used right out of the box or can be modified by adding or removing basic fields. By using the Service Request module, customers can submit online requests for services including requests for repair work, materials, minor capital projects*, events*, and services related to locks and keys*.  If requests are converted to work orders, the requester is notified of the status by email. From the time of submission until completion, the customer is kept fully informed with automatic email updates and notices as work progresses. In addition, the customer can also query WebTMA’s database about the status of their requests, status of their work orders, or applicable charges in real-time.

The Service Request module improves the quality of service by providing faster response times with better communications. It brings your work order software directly to end users – eliminating both administrative time for data entry and lost requests.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve communications with your customers by allowing them to submit requests from any location that has access to the Internet or your intranet
  • Substantially reduce calls to your work control center
  • Provide requesters with the ability to confirm receipt of a request automatically with a request number and an optional customized message
  • Have the ability to review the real-time status of work requests and work orders
  • Send an email message automatically to clients when work has been accepted or denied
  • Notify clients automatically about changed work order status
  • Check for duplicates and warranties when processing requests
  • Utilize SSO support for user authentication
  • Employ SSL for encrypted data transfer
  • Decrease processing time by allowing customers to submit their own requests
  • Gauge your performance with online customer surveys
  • Search an online catalog of supplies and material inventory for needed items*
  • Create and submit material requests, including delivery location*
  • Request minor capital projects, including funding information and scope of work*
  • Survey customers to monitor staff and contractor’s performance*
  • Control access to specific information by individual user or group
  • Convert certain requests automatically **
  • Utilize QR Codes to request service to specific locations

*Material requests, minor capital projects requests, events, and locks and keys requests require a license for the applicable module.

**With optional Auto Attendant module.