An advanced solution to maximize your allocation of resources

Your organization will perform at a higher level by maximizing the use of its facilities with WebTMA’s Facility Scheduler. This powerful tool provides you with the ability to effectively manage, use, and schedule your organization’s valuable resources. You can reserve and schedule rooms, tools, equipment, AV assets, and infrastructure items such as athletic fields and swimming pools.

Start by initiating reservations with easy-to-use data entry windows. Submit a reservation for a specific item or item category, such as a conference room, AV asset, or a tool. Depending on availability, a reservation ticket can be created and most importantly, you will be kept fully informed of the status of the reservation or changes to the reservation by automatic email updates.

Facility Scheduler can maintain established rates for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. Display holiday schedules and blackout periods on a graphical interface along with bars showing items reserved or rented. WebTMA’s chargeback accounting allows rental rates to be charged to internal departments, organizations, external groups, or individuals. In addition, extra charges can be added for repairs and cleaning services. Most importantly, easy-to-read graphical scheduling calendars will help your staff optimize the usage of your valuable resources.

End-users can easily reserve resources using WebTMA’s service request windows. If approval is required, reservations follow a user-definable approval route. Ultimately, if approved, reservations are validated and converted into actual reservations with automatic email responses to your reservation requesters.

The Facility Scheduler supports recurring reservations, making it easy to schedule rooms for meetings that occur on a regular basis. Costs can be billed to one or more accounts. Work orders can be generated upon return of items when a return task is specified in the rental preferences.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily schedule and reserve resources
  • Visualize reservations and rentals on a graphical calendar
  • Schedule resources, such as heavy equipment and audio-visual assets
  • Track related expenses
  • Route reservations for approval using WebTMA’s authorization system
  • Improve customer satisfaction with an easy-to-use, self-service web interface*
  • Easily navigate with commands and multiple calendar views to quickly determine the availability of resources
  • Create reservation requests and reservations on the following types of items: rooms, areas, infrastructure (playgrounds, athletic fields, etc.), equipment, and tools
  • Follow easy-to-use steps throughout the reservation process
  • Use scheduling calendars as an easy-to-read graphical view of scheduled resources
  • Charge clients directly for various rental costs, such as meter charges, cleaning, cancellations, etc.
  • Review facility scheduling information using numerous fast and accurate pre-formatted reports
  • Create automatic corrective work orders for routine maintenance upon the return of rented items
  • Create corrective work orders on rented resources when necessary

* Requires a license for optional Service Request module