Use SMS Messaging for efficient communications

Utilize SMS messaging to notify technicians of their scheduled work or to update customers on the status of their work. This simple tool enhances the notification process, improving response times and communications.

Maintenance planners can easily notify technicians via a text message that work orders have been assigned to them. This ultimately speeds up the response times allowing your customers to receive the highest level of service possible.

There are two solutions related to SMS messaging:

  • Basic SMS messaging service is functionality built-in to the main application at no cost
  • Enhanced SMS messaging service is offered as an Optional Module that provides a numeric short code directly to the customer’s phone without specifying the mobile service provider

Features and Benefits

  • Speed up response times to closing work orders by immediately notifying technician of new work orders via SMS
  • Easily notify technicians by text messaging that work orders have been assigned to them
  • Keep customers updated on the status of their work