Import fuel and oil costs into WebTMA with a proven integration tool

TMA recognizes that fuel and oil costs are a major expense when operating a fleet of vehicles. The Universal Interface for Fuel and Oil enables organizations to import fuel, oil, coolant, and transmission fluid costs seamlessly into WebTMA. In addition, mileage and meter readings can be entered.

The interface provides a tool for importing these costs from your existing fuel database directly into WebTMA.  As a result of the import, Fuel and Oil Tickets in WebTMA are created and linked to their associated Vehicle and Equipment records.  

Features and Benefits

  • Seamlessly input fuel and oil costs into WebTMA for monitoring and analyzing fuel consumption and associated costs
  • Eliminate the need for manual and duplicate data entry
  • Increase data accuracy with electronic transmittal of fuel, oil, coolant, transmission fluid costs, and mileage/meter readings
  • Increase the effectiveness of your PM program with more frequent mileage/meter readings
  • Simplify your overall integration efforts with a pre-built, user-configurable design
  • Create a user-defined template for importing selective fuel and oil data