Session and Workshop Information

Sessions and Workshops are led by TMA staff and key client users. These comprehensive sessions and workshops will demonstrate basic and advanced features and functionality of TMA products.

The sessions feature both technical and application information. The goal is to provide you with the knowledge necessary to enhance your TMA user experience. In addition, management-focused sessions are offered to help you maximize the performance of your organization.

The conference will feature extensive discussions, demonstrations, and training related to the enhancements in the new release of WebTMA. WebTMA 7 is our dynamic new product that reflects many of your ideas and suggestions!

Stay tuned for additional information related to the basic and advanced session topics.

Conference Sessions

Accounting in WebTMA – Basic

Review the basic WebTMA accounting structure and learn how you can easily track costs whether you charge back to other departments or not. This session focuses on the basic use of the module, including establishing accounts, posting costs, and using chargeable work orders.

Accounting in WebTMA – Advanced

Take a more in-depth look at the WebTMA accounting module. Learn how the module is used to track your organization’s costs and how data can flow between WebTMA and your accounting system. In addition, the session provides a brief overview of the TMA Universal Financial Interface (UFI). See how the UFI can easily transfer data to other financial packages such as Workday, Banner, and PeopleSoft.

Benefits of General Inspections

Gain an understanding of how your organization can effectively take advantage of the General Inspections module. Learn what General Inspections are, why you would use General Inspections, and how they can most effectively be set up. Learn the basics of how to create a General Inspection form, how to create inspection checks that need to be completed, and how to associate equipment with your checks. In addition, see the efficiencies that can be generated using General Inspections with WebTMA GO or mobileGeneral Inspections.

CAFM & The Future of Space Management in WebTMA                             

The CAFM module is an extremely valuable tool for viewing your CAD drawings, organizing critical data, and managing all levels of your facility. See how CAFM fully integrates your CAD drawings into the WebTMA database. With an easy-to-use tree list embedded in the module, easily organize, manage, or drill down to any CAD drawing. If you are utilizing WebTMA Enterprise, Move Manager coordinates occupants and asset relocation, facilitates tracking, and manages the changeover of assets and people by integrating all information in a single transaction. In addition, TMA is building their concepts for development of Space Management – be a part of those discussions.

Capitalize on WebTMA in a Healthcare Setting

This session focuses on features and functionality developed to support your Facilities and Biomedical departments. Understand how Make/Model and Type/Sub Type templates can be applied to your operations to assist in the standardization of data. In addition, discover features in WebTMA that assist in documenting work orders.  Examples include equipment-in-use, alternate equipment maintenance programs (AEM), tools and test equipment, and not-located equipment.

Capital Planning Module

Properly managing the strategic plans related to your capital investments is an important facet of your job. This session will focus on how the Capital Planning module can help you achieve this goal. The session kicks off with capital planning theory and moves to the basics of how the product works. Learn how you can utilize this powerful tool to get a clear picture of your future capital funding needs by combining future cyclical renewal needs with your maintenance backlog. Import facility condition audit information, generate FCI's and FCIN's on buildings, create cost estimates with optional RSMeans license, prioritize and organize Work Elements into Capital Requests and WebTMA Projects.  If accompanied by the Capital Projects module, Work Elements can also be organized into Capital Project Requests and Capital Projects. Have the data you need to make funding requests understandable and justifiable.

Capital Projects Module

Gain an understanding of how Capital Projects module can improve project planning and accelerate project schedules for generating the highest returns for capital projects and programs. Easily identify funding priorities, reduce project schedule overruns, streamline project cost accounting, and provide the integrated processes and analytics necessary for managing your capital expenditures. Manage direct expenses, meeting minutes, issues, and progress reports. Have the ability to quickly post labor and parts to a project. Designate project team members, authorize accounts and funding sources, track task requirements at component levels and completion of tasks, and convert tasks into internal work orders. Manage schedules and track milestone completions. Integrates with WebTMA Capital Planning to allow importation of work elements. Tracks consultant and contractor agreements, change orders, change directives, change proposals, purchase orders, invoices, and payment applications. Track budget adjustments, anticipated costs, and have the ability to post time directly to a Capital Project.

Case Study: Successfully Implementing mobileTMA GO

Gain an understanding of how Iowa State implemented mobileTMA GO. See how they overcame their challenges and how they continue to utilize the solution within their environment. The discussion will move from basic work order use, to how they utilize email notifications, to how to get work done with multi-task functions. Finally, they will wrap up with a discussion on tracking hours and how to properly comment on work

Case Study: Effective Project Management

See how the United States Marine Corp – MCCS utilizes the Project Management module to effectively manage their facility projects. Utilizing multiple work orders, tracking all costs, internal work, and purchases against these projects they can provide the transparency necessary for proper oversight by management. In addition, see how they attach photos and drawings to keep up-to-date on their projects.

Case Study: Properly Managing Housekeeping & Grounds

The University of Texas at San Antonio has worked diligently on properly managing their housekeeping and grounds with WebTMA. Understand how they manage their work and how quality assurance through inspections have become an integral part of the entire process. They will walk you through their process and how they effectively utilize WebTMA for success in keeping their customers happy.    

Concepts of a Good TMA Administrator

Gain insights into why the TMA System Administrator is a key player when it comes to the successful implementation and utilization of TMA solutions. Richard will share his 30 years of experience as a system administrator by providing his ideas and insights on how to optimize the use of TMA products throughout your organization.  

Contract Management Module – An Overview 

The Contract Management module provides an easy way for you to manage your outside contracts and contractors by tracking work orders issued, contract history, and ratings related to their past work performance. This session will provide an overview of the features and functionality of this module and how it can be applied to your contract-related operations.

Creating Functional MyPage Tabs (includes Executive Dashboard)

Enhance workflows for technicians, supervisors, and other users by utilizing MyPage tabs and Executive Dashboards. Understand how these powerful tools can provide critical information that is easily accessible on the log-in screen. The session will walk you through the basics of building various controls from scratch. Most importantly, learn the best practices utilized by other clients through a demonstration of the various ways controls can be modified.

Custodial Module – A Powerful Tool

TMA’s Custodial Management module is an evolving tool. Significant advancements continue to be made on this powerful tool. The module continues to be transformed with additional features such as more streamlined workflows, utilization of the latest APPA and ISSA standards, and suggested dashboards for managing your custodial operations. The module is easy to implement and simpler to use. Most importantly, see how utilizing mobileCustodial Inspections and WebTMA GO can improve your efficiency. 

Key Management

In today's security-conscious environment, maintaining accountability for your organization's keys is paramount to the safety of everyone throughout the organization. The Key Management module has the features and functionality to manage vital security information concerning key holders and key access. Learn how to initiate the use of this module and how the Core Management tool works. The session will wrap up with tips and best practice processes that have been found to be most effective when utilizing this module and the new user interface for requestor and key import.

Maintaining Momentum after Implementation

Any implementation can be tough; however, moving forward after the data is entered and training is complete has its own unique challenges. In the post-implementation phase, you need to be confident that all facets of the operation are working as designed or better. If this is achieved, there will be maximum buy-in from individuals at all levels of the organization. As time goes on, you will need to review processes and tools that can be deployed to keep momentum going – this provides the assurance needed to continue the successful use of your WebTMA solution.

Managing Your Organization with Executive Dashboards

TMA’s Executive Dashboard module provides the real-time information that empowers your organization to make timely, data-driven decisions. Understand concepts related to managing targeted dashboards, administering permissions, and how to take pre-configured (by TMA) role-based dashboards and modify them for your specific needs.

Mastering Custodial & Room Inspections in WebTMA

TMA offers three modules for inspections: Room Inspections, General Inspections, and Custodial Inspections. This session focuses on the unique differences between the Custodial Inspections and Room Inspections modules. Gain an understanding of the tasks that are being accomplished by the features and functionality of each of these modules and the benefits created for end users and the organization.  Learn how these modules can simplify and streamline your custodial and room inspection process. There will be a special emphasis on the efficiencies created by utilization of mobile solutions such as mobileRoom Inspections, mobileCustodial Inspections and/or WebTMA GO.

Materials Management – Basic

Learn the basics of how to easily organize and track inventory in an efficient and effective manner. In this session, the presenter will discuss what information and processes should be considered when setting up spare parts inventory within the WebTMA application.  It includes the steps necessary for getting started such as: optimal vendor, manufacturer, parts setup, inventory techniques, warehouses, and purchase order basics.

Materials Management – Advanced

This session reveals the more advanced features of the Materials Management module in WebTMA. Discover the advanced features such as parts allocation, reorder calculation wizard, stock replenishment wizard, part transfers, setting part requirements for PM schedules, performing batch updates, selling parts using sales orders, and parts requests as they relate to the application and mobile devices. It is recommended that attendees attend the Materials Management - Basic session before this session or have a strong understanding of materials management in WebTMA.

Mobile Technology – A Review of TMA Solutions

Mobile technology is significantly improving productivity and customer satisfaction levels for business organizations in many industries. TMA offers a wide variety of options on a number of different mobile platforms (including the new Android offering). Understand how these mobile applications can enhance productivity by enabling your personnel to electronically manage work orders and other facility information on handheld devices. In this session, gain a better understanding of the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of WebTMA GO and mobileTMA GO.

mobileTMA GO – A Powerful Paperless Alternative

mobileTMA GO is a powerful tool for your organization. This session provides a general overview of mobileTMA GO and demonstrates the features and functionality of the product. It focuses on how the product can improve efficiencies within your organization by allowing technicians to spend their time completing work orders, performing PM’s, taking inventory, updating meter readings, and completing inspections instead of filling out paper forms or re-typing data. Gain an understanding of the advantages of this dynamic tool.

Preventive Maintenance Concepts – Basic

Review the concepts that make up an effective preventive maintenance program. See an overview of how to plan, design, and implement a completely new PM system or improve your current PM system. The session focuses on scheduling preventive maintenance and managing the program using tasks to properly utilize master checks and failure codes. Special emphasis is placed on make/model capabilities in WebTMA.

Preventive Maintenance Concepts – Advanced

This advanced offering is for those who desire to take their PM program to the next level. We will take an in-depth look at Preventive Maintenance. Gain an understanding of how an effective PM program can save your organization money, improve efficiency, and significantly improve up-time for your critical equipment. Special emphasis will be placed on load balancing and reporting.

Project Management – Managing Facility Projects

Learn how the Project Management module can help you easily and effectively manage facility maintenance projects that require multiple work orders, budgets, and requisitions by tracking all costs, internal work, and purchases against these projects. There will be a presentation of the features and functionality of this module and the requirements necessary for implementing and completing a project. To wrap things up, we will show examples of proper dashboards and reports that will make managing your projects a simple and seamless process.

Request Management Solutions

WebTMA has a variety of request management solutions for processing work orders more quickly and efficiently through streamlining the management and tracking disbursement of work requests. Learn which request management tool best fits your organization. This session examines the features, functionality, and workflows of the solutions available and provides the basic information you need to make the correct choice. Gain an understanding of iServiceDesk, the Service Request module, and the MyRequest module. The session will also touch on how the Auto Attendant module can be incorporated in your workflow.

Simplify User Workflows with Form Attributes

This popular session focuses on how you can simplify system forms to create greater efficiency for your site’s workflows. Learn how to easily hide unused fields, form tabs, and action menu buttons. In addition, you will review how to create required fields, read-only fields, and special customized forms for different Repair Centers, Security Groups, or individual Users.

System Administration – Basic & Advanced

The administrator of the WebTMA Solution has immense power to improve the user experience for the entire team. Learn the basics of how to properly manage your data, how to properly manage user access, and how to effectively communicate with your users and customers. Use a variety of advanced functions that allow you to customize forms, rename labels and records (to match your own nomenclature), monitor Work Order status, and share information with other Users. In addition, learn how to customize WebTMA, establish automatic notifications, and share information via MyPage and Dashboards.

The Journey of Acceptance & Training of New Users

Change for any organization is a major challenge. Whether the change relates to personnel, systems, or processes, there must be acceptance by users and training related to the changes. Tina Kramer, from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, will focus on real life challenges such as: what happens when you have invested time and resources in training your staff and a key member moves on or what happens when you change processes such as the utilization of handhelds – how do you gain acceptance? Learn how to build a solid strategy for quickly and effectively communicating changes and training new staff members.

WebTMA 7 – Administration

Knowledgeable Administrators and Advanced Users are paramount to the success of utilizing TMA Solutions. Their knowledge can provide great efficiencies related to utilizing WebTMA. Become familiar with User Management including setting up Users and Groups, enhanced security groups, user roles, streamlining workflows with System Form attributes, etc. See how WebTMA 7 has streamlined and redesigned many of these functions for improved workflows, simplicity, and speed.

WebTMA 7 – Facility Scheduler, Event Scheduler, and Fleet Management

See how WebTMA 7 has revamped the Facility Scheduler, Event Scheduler, and Fleet Management modules with a variety of new features and functionality that will help you efficiently manage, utilize, and schedule your organization’s valuable resources. Understand the benefits of each of these modules and how you can transform and improve your operational environment using them. However, most importantly, see how these re-tooled modules will improve your user experience.

WebTMA 7 – GIS for Facility Management

The GIS capabilities have been completely rebuilt to more effectively integrate mapping technology with modules such as the Scheduler and Request Log. Gain an understanding of how this technology can integrate your assets, infrastructure, and other features in a geospatial manner within your current WebTMA solution. Most importantly, see the roadmap for future capabilities. Learn how linear asset mapping and references can provide improved maintenance and management of transportation and utility infrastructure assets.

WebTMA 7 – Introduction

WebTMA 7 is here! We have redesigned every window to maximize efficiency and usability. This cutting-edge product was developed with our users in mind, and it shows! WebTMA 7 is lightning fast and honed to provide superior workflows. This is an extremely simple yet versatile product that can meet your demanding needs. In addition to a new user interface, upgraded core framework, a variety of new features and functionality, look for MyPage enhancements, new Request Portal, and a modern online Help System. Come see how you can increase your efficiency with WebTMA 7.

WebTMA 7 – Path to Upgrading

Upgrading from WebTMA 5 to WebTMA 7, like all moves, takes careful thought, consideration, and planning. This session will review tips for cleaning up your data prior to the upgrade, options available during the upgrade, and the best way to start using the variety of new features after the upgrade.

WebTMA 7 – Reporting & Dashboards

Improvements to the workflow of the Report Writer make the process more intuitive. Form Selection is a simple validation control field on the Identity tab. With an enhanced Report Criteria, you have the same easy-to-use criteria structure as the rest of WebTMA 7, and for simplicity, the Report Layout has an easy to use drag-and-drop editor.

The WebTMA’s Report Manager and Core Reports is a comprehensive set of reports that are the foundation for managing your organization. These are the reports that will help your organization make better decisions, run operations more efficiently, and achieve the ultimate goal of improving your organization’s financial performance. See how you can easily modify these reports to meet your specific needs.

In addition, MyPage has been significantly enhanced with new features such as Grouping, Mapping, Detail Display, and Drill Down Grids that provide you with powerful tools for creating detailed, visually appealing, and informative MyPage controls. Come see how much easier Dashboards are to set up in WebTMA 7, as well as how we’ve optimized query building to simplify creation of multi-query controls.

WebTMA 7 – Work Order – Start to Finish

The new processes in WebTMA 7 provide many options to efficiently and effectively utilize this powerful Work Order system. From a simple manual work order to the optional General Inspection work order, you have many ways to automate and distribute work to your technicians. In addition, advanced tools such as the Auto Attendant module can bypass the request to work order conversion process and even auto-schedule a work order if certain rules are met. See how WebTMA 7 allows you to easily set up your PM schedules to automatically generate work orders.

Patrick Smith, Kathy Yu & Tabor Ellison, TMA Systems, TMA Systems                                                                     

WebTMA Best Practices

Take advantage of Darren’s knowledge and experience in implementing hundreds of TMA clients during the last 20 years and Michael’s 10 years of experience in facilities maintenance using TMA products. They will present a variety of policies and procedures that can be implemented so you can use WebTMA more effectively. Utilizing these best practices will help your organization operate at the highest level and increase your organization’s overall return-on-investment utilizing TMA products. 

WebTMA GO – The Basics of a Powerful Solution

WebTMA GO is TMA’s most robust mobile solution. Gain an understanding of the most effective way to utilize and implement this technology. See how your organization can best accommodate the technology and which processes need to be reinvented to create the greatest efficiencies for your technicians and supervisors. Most importantly, understand how this technology can change the way your organization performs work.

WebTMA Interfaces & Integrations

TMA has a variety of interfaces and integrations that allow your organization to operate more efficiently by integrating WebTMA with your other applications.  We have a range of configurable Universal Interfaces spanning many industries and platforms, including: Universal Financial Interface, Universal Procurement Interface, Universal Interface for HR, and others.  Integrations with specific products are also available, including: StarRez, ECRI, RSMeans, Autodesk Revit, PublicStuff, ATG, Walsh Rounds Tracker, and others. Gain an understanding of how these interfaces can be of value to your organization.

WebTMA Reporting – The Basics

The need to operate and manage your organization with knowledge, insight, and confidence has never been greater. Learn the basic techniques for creating reports with the WebTMA Report Writer. The session will illustrate the concepts for easily creating relevant reports for your organization. Reports that will help your team make better, more informed decisions.

What's New or Underutilized in WebTMA

This session will focus on new WebTMA 5.x features added since last user conference including Auto Counters for Assets and Equipment, UI to Import Requestors and Key Holders, and additional Email settings. In addition, the presentation will show the benefits of setting up existing features such as Notification and Escalations, Disputes, Customer Surveys, and Smart Routes for authorization routing. 


Basics of MyPage Tabs & Dashboards – WebTMA 5  (Workshop)

Learn the basics of building professional MyPage Tabs and Dashboards, or for your convenience, start with role based standard dashboards and modify. If you prefer, start from scratch and build MyPage Tabs and Dashboards that can be customized to focus on your organization’s goals. Examples include dashboards for technicians to view lists of open work orders, for supervisors monitoring work orders for all technicians and trades, or management dashboards utilizing high level performance indicators. Learn how real-time information in graphical views such as pie charts, bar graphs, and gauges can take your organization to the next level.

Basics of MyPage Tabs & Dashboards – WebTMA 7   (Workshop)

Learn the basics of building professional MyPage Tabs and Dashboards. See how much easier Dashboards can be set up in WebTMA 7, as well as how we’ve optimized query building to simplify creation of multi-query controls. With a totally rewritten MyPage that focuses on usability and speed, see how the new controls load significantly faster and are created in a fraction of the time with new column grouping and color palette options. Create simple controls in just a few clicks, or dive in and set up stacked bar charts for deeper analysis; either way, you’ll love our new Dashboard controls.

General Inspections in WebTMA – WebTMA 5 & WebTMA 7   (Workshop)

The General Inspections module provides you with a tool for confirming and documenting tasks on a given list. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of how to set up inspection forms that integrate tasks, checks, and check items. Learn the best process for grouping inspections, and determine the type of data to collect such as time, items, readings, comments, and failures. See the efficiencies that can be generated utilizing WebTMA GO and/or barcode technology.

Hands on with WebTMA 7  (Workshop)

WebTMA 7 is here! You will have a hands-on experience with this revolutionary new product. See the results of this total refresh of the core product, associated modules, and interfaces. The development of WebTMA 7 included: a new user interface, upgraded core framework, improved workflows, lightning fast speed, and a variety of new features and functionality that has enhanced the product and your user experience. This product has changed the paradigm for TMA and you, our users!

mobileTMA GO – Making the Most of this Powerful Tool  (Workshop)

This workshop provides a general overview of this powerful tool and demonstrates the features and functionality of the product. It focuses on how mobileTMA GO can improve efficiencies within your organization by allowing technicians to spend their time completing work orders, performing PM’s, taking inventory, updating meter readings, and completing inspections instead of filling out paper forms or re-typing data. Gain an understanding of the advantages of this dynamic tool.

Report Writer – WebTMA 5  (Workshop)

A hands-on workshop that provides basic instructions on how to create reports from scratch or how to modify one of the more than 600 pre-existing reports within WebTMA. See the power of the WebTMA Report Writer, and understand how you can generate reports on screen, print, e-mail, download as Microsoft Excel files, or save in formats such as HTML, Image, or PDF. In addition, learn how to create and use sub-reports to expand the capabilities of your reporting.

Report Writer – WebTMA 7  (Workshop)

This hands-on workshop guides you through the workflow of our totally re-written Report Writer. You will see the simplified Form Selection and learn about the changes to Field selections, Calculated Fields, and the new easy to use Report Layout drag-and-drop editor.  See the power of the WebTMA Report Writer, and understand how you can generate reports on screen, print, e-mail, download as Microsoft Excel files, or save in formats such as HTML, Image, or PDF.

WebTMA for Administrators & Advanced Users   (Workshop)

Knowledgeable Administrators and Advanced Users are paramount to the success of utilizing TMA Solutions. Their knowledge can provide great efficiencies related to utilizing the TMA product. This workshop provides a hands-on experience with User Management including setting up Users and Groups, how enhanced security groups can be utilized, user roles, streamlining work flows with System and Custom Form changes, changing label nomenclature system-wide or form-by-form with Text Management, and how to implement Custom Email Notifications.

WebTMA GO – The Power of the iPad  (Workshop)

WebTMA GO is a powerful tool with a significant amount of advanced functionality. This hands-on workshop provides exposure to the features and functionality of this tool. See how your organization can save time and money with advanced maintenance management software on an iPad. iPads are provided to attendees to learn the basics of creating work orders, reviewing assigned work, converting requests, and attaching linked documents. Depending on the interest of attendees and time permitting, the presenters may cover scheduling work orders, taking item inventories, performing stockroom functions, and entering inspection results.

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