Improve project planning and accelerate project schedules

The Capital Projects module streamlines the planning and execution of your projects. It is designed for the financial management of large externally managed capital projects (run by general contractors) or internally managed capital projects (in-house projects). The Capital Projects module was developed from the owner’s perspective by increasing accountability and financial control. Proper management of your project reduces your risk, and ultimately, capital expenditures (CAPEX).

The Capital Projects module addresses complex financial budgeting issues by handling both fund-based accounting and normal accounting requirements. Identify funding sources, budget by funding sources, components, and build budgets that can be approved and adjusted as required.

In addition, if you purchase the Capital Planning module, there is an integration that allows you to import the Work Elements from the facility condition assessments recorded in Capital Planning to the Capital Projects module.

Features and Benefits

  • Build your project team, designate authorized accounts and funding sources to be used
  • Detail your project requirements from the user-defined components library or select user-defined component templates
  • Define milestones for your Capital Project and record their completion dates
  • Prioritize and schedule component work
  • Record Team Meetings (record notes, issues, delays, and estimates of anticipated costs)
  • Use Field Inspection reports to record progress (weather conditions, etc.)
  • Schedule project components and generation of contracts for both construction and consulting
  • Tie purchase orders to project components with all invoiced costs rolling up from the components to the Capital Project and budgets
  • Track your cost overruns and schedule adjustments
  • Payment Applications from Contractors/Consultants can be recorded, approved, and processed
  • Create punch lists to document the final things that still need to be done on each component assigned to a project contract
  • Assign tasks or activities to any Capital Project component, tasks can be then turned into work orders
  • Change Orders/Amendments are supported for both contracts and purchase orders
  • Build a list of people required for sign off with Routing Authorization