TMA Global Partner Program

World-class organizations committed to the success of their customers

TMA’s Global Partners are carefully screened and selected based on their ability to maintain the high standards TMA has operated under for more than 30 years.

TMA’s commitment to their partners is reflected in their belief that partner relationships must be win-win for both organizations and, most importantly, a win for any customer using a TMA product. To ensure a successful partner relationship, TMA has developed clearly defined goals and a carefully constructed plan that, when successfully executed, provides the partner with the ability to achieve high returns for the efforts they put forth.

We invite you to become part of the TMA Global Partner Program by contacting:

Dustin Taylor
TMA Systems, President
Phone: + 918.858.6683
Fax: + 918.858.6655 

The two types of partnership plans offered:

Sales Partner

Sales Partners market and sell TMA products. These partners become affiliated with TMA after attending the standard product awareness and configuration training classes. They must work with the TMA Systems Professional Services team to conduct all system design, database design, software installations as well as implementation, training, and consulting services. In addition, after installation, TMA will provide ongoing customer support.

Business Partner

Business Partners have the personnel to support a business-centered approach to the TMA Systems product line. These Partners are the prime contractors for the entire customer project, entitling them to a margin for selling the software licenses as well as a margin for providing additional services, including design, implementation, training, software support, and integration with other business applications. A Business Partner must employ and maintain at least one TMA Systems Certified individual on staff. “TMA Systems Certified” is defined as an individual who has successfully completed the training prerequisites. Having certified personnel allows a Business Partner to perform services in relation to the entire TMA product line.

If you are committed to providing your clients with world-class products and services, we invite you to become a TMA Global Partner. For more information, contact Dustin Taylor at:

Note: TMA sells directly in the United States and Canada. In addition, there are many areas throughout the world available for representation. We look forward to your inquiry. TMA Partner Training Program (Offered to Global Partners)