Efficiently manage your WebTMA database with the Archive & Purge module

The Archive & Purge module enables organizations to select transactions, archive them in groups, and purge them when needed. 

The module provides a variety of features, the most important is the ability to control the amount of data purged by grouping records into smaller batches.  With smaller archive batches, organizations can tag specific types or records and retain the tagged batches even though others are purged from the same date range. To prevent archiving records of importance, this module supports the option of marking individual records ineligible for archiving.  

Features and Benefits

  • Improve database performance by reducing the size of the overall database
  • Control the types of data to archive and/or purge
  • Eliminate unnecessary, old, or inactive data no longer required
  • Prevent the archival of important records
  • Reduce the amount of time for database backups