Easily manage outside contractors and contracts

WebTMA’s Contract Management module easily manages your contracts and contractors. Manage the contract process from bid and award through completion for contracted services on your facilities, buildings, and assets.

Control the contract award process from the preparation of the contract to sending it out for bids. Once awarded, you will have the ability to track the contract throughout its entire life cycle: issue contract-related work orders, track costs for labor and materials to build contract history. Upon completion, rate contractors on work performance for future reference.

Features and Benefits

  • Track details on contractors’ work by attaching work orders to a contract for labor and cost history
  • Permit contractors to log in and access the work orders assigned to them, input their labor and materials, and attach their invoice
  • Maintain the contract’s declining balance automatically for work performed on a life-to-date basis
  • Select multiple bidders and contract services for bid preparation
  • Extend a contract at any time by adding time and funds
  • Withhold a portion of the contract value at end-of-contract to assure satisfactory performance
  • Negotiate better contracts using contractor ratings by services performed and overall average ratings