Efficiently and effectively manage your events and necessary resources

Easily track and schedule event information with WebTMA’s Event Scheduler. Assign resources for an event including buildings, rooms, and areas. Resources can also include equipment, vehicles, and assets, such as audio-visual equipment, etc. When writing a work order or allocating resources to an area where an event has been scheduled, Event Scheduler will automatically notify you of any potential scheduling conflicts.

Event Scheduler can also be linked to WebTMA Projects* for estimating and scheduling the many work-related activities and requirements necessary to successfully execute an event. Once an event with related work orders and requisitions is linked to a project, you will have all event information including time and cost for labor, materials, and other charges. In addition, information about previous events can be used for tracking, billing, and estimating new events.

Most importantly, your organization will have a history of all event information available from event reports, project reports, and work order reports.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily schedule and reserve dates and facilities for events
  • Visualize monthly events by viewing them on a graphical calendar
  • Schedule event resources including equipment, assets, and vehicles
  • Record all necessary event information in one central location
  • Estimate event setup requirements and costs
  • Track all event expenses and work activities using WebTMA Projects*
  • Convert scheduled event items to reservations**
  • Provide vital event information such as:
    • General setup requirements
    • Food service requirements
    • Attendant requirements
    • Floral requirements
    • Security, electrical, and environmental requirements
  • Schedule event resources including equipment, vehicles, and assets (audio visual resources, etc.)
  • Track contact and funding information
  • Notify technicians of conflicts with pending events when creating work orders on spaces reserved or scheduled
  • Estimate charges and work information on events

* Requires a license for optional Project Management module
** Requires a license for optional Facility Scheduler module