Efficiently manage all aspects of your organization’s pickup and delivery

WebTMA’s Fleet Dispatch module provides the ability to manage all aspects of your organization’s pickup and delivery by streamlining activities such as bus routes, trash pickup, scheduled and on-demand delivery of materials/goods, and personnel transfers. With Fleet Dispatch, your organization can manage an unlimited number of vehicles and drivers at organizations such as large industrial sites, military bases, and university campuses.

Drivers are eligible to have assigned vehicles, stops, and trips. Managers have the ability to assign permitted vehicles and permitted stop locations to each driver and authorized users, such as managers and supervisors, can generate scheduled trips.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficiently manage all aspects of pickup and delivery
  • Control access to vehicles and locations
  • Track scheduled and on-demand vehicle dispatches
  • Create fixed routes with stops
  • Track all stops, including the activity, lapsed time, and other metrics about each stop
  • Record the number of people picked up and dropped off
  • Track the amount of material delivered
  • Manage drivers’ schedules
  • Match driver licenses to vehicle classes
  • Control access to sensitive pickup or drop-off stops
  • Assign drivers and vehicles for scheduled and on-demand trips