Streamline your inspection process and eliminate unnecessary paperwork

WebTMA’s General Inspections module simplifies and streamlines your inspection process throughout your entire organization. This valuable tool allows you to confirm completion of a series of tasks for all maintenance-worthy items within your organization.

The General Inspections module gives your technicians a global checklist for assigned assets and areas. The process ensures that each check is reviewed in sequence and the results are documented. Checklist results can record a value reading, pass/fail status, and other ratings.

With WebTMA GO*, technicians have the ability to electronically complete inspections from an iPad, eliminating the need to carry paper inspection forms – saving time and eliminating lost paperwork. Technicians can also upload inspection results for later analysis.

Most importantly, the General Inspections module can be used to ensure the safety and reliability of your maintenance-worthy items.

Features and Benefits

  • Review actual and potential hazards
  • Record and communicate dangers or issues that require immediate attention
  • Retain inspection history for future reference
  • Collect data for predictive maintenance analysis
  • Utilize the PM scheduling function to assign an inspection task
  • Automatically generate a work order for a failed inspection point
  • Eliminate paper inspection forms utilizing WebTMA GO* or the General Inspections Add-on for mobileTMA GO**.

* Requires a license for WebTMA GO
** Requires a license for the General Inspections Add-on for mobileTMA GO.