Effectively manage your grounds operations

The Grounds Management module provides organizations with the ability to efficiently set up and manage grounds operations. This tool provides an easy and efficient method to maintain your grounds and adjacent surfaces. Your organization can be up and running in the least amount of time using estimated data based on APPA Operational Guidelines for Grounds standards.

Using WebTMA Grounds Management you can design a variety of task lists for an individual or crew. This facilitates self-checking of compliance issues and training of your staff. 

You can schedule multiple shifts and estimate staffing requirements based on the level of attention you select. The system includes APPA’s Levels of Attention standards.

Pre-formatted forms assist supervisors in making inspections, or you can purchase the separate mobileGrounds* option and transfer the forms to a handheld device. After completion of work, you can compare actual costs to budgeted amounts, allocate costs for grounds services, and automatically create work orders when special grounds services are required.

Features and Benefits

  • Effectively manage your grounds services
  • Estimate labor based on level of attention required or desired
  • Assign task schedules to specific grounds types or modify them for unique grounds spaces
  • Leverage full integration with your existing WebTMA Computerized Maintenance Management System database
  • Eliminate lengthy training by printing task lists for your ground’s personnel
  • Easily design and schedule grounds maintenance routes for individuals or crews
  • Record all necessary grounds information in one central location
  • Schedule multiple shifts, each having their own grounds tasks and frequencies
  • Use numerous preformatted reports for fast and accurate grounds service information