Troubleshoot problems using your organization’s past experience

Through a catalog of solutions that are specific to a type of work or task, WebTMA’s Knowledge Base can assist users in troubleshooting issues. The Knowledge Base is set up (by your organization) with a pre-defined series of questions that lead to the resolution of a problem or task to be completed. These solutions act as a quick and easy reference for service personnel in completing a task or resolving issues.  

The Knowledge Base is unique to each task and situation needing resolution and can be added to at any time. Each task can have any number of possible resolutions and as new conditions and resolutions are identified, the Knowledge Base continues to grow with your valuable data. In addition, the option to require the technician to select a resolution from the Knowledge Base or provide an alternate resolution when closing a work order can be required. These alternate resolutions can be converted to standard resolutions and made part of the Knowledge Base.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a repository for a catalog of solutions for technicians to follow
  • Expedite and reinforce training for technicians
  • Analyze problems to pinpoint trends and resolutions
  • Research solutions in an easy-to-use question and answer format
  • Present the top 10 solutions for fast diagnosis and resolution
  • Attach a document for reference or a URL for an alternative knowledge base
  • Save time and money using rapid access to resolutions
  • Configure the Knowledge Base to meet your organization’s unique needs
  • Expand your Knowledge Base to accommodate new solutions