Easily manage your parts and materials

Effectively manage your materials by organizing and tracking them using WebTMA’s Materials Management module. Parts and materials are easily issued to work orders or accounts. Cross-reference materials to manufacturers, vendors, equipment, and vehicles. Click a link within the module and open a new browser window that can take you directly to a vendor’s website. Assign minimum and maximum stock levels for your parts and receive automatic notifications when on-hand quantities fall below their specified levels. Then, create a purchase order and automatically calculate the average lead time required to restock the part.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily track the location of your facility’s parts and materials inventory
  • Create purchase orders and automatically calculate the average lead time required to restock the part
  • Store graphics and electronic drawings of parts for easy identification
  • Send a Request for Quotation (RFQ) directly to multiple vendors from WebTMA
  • Allow users with sufficient authorization levels to approve requisitions and purchase orders
  • Record delivery of materials that were ordered through a purchase order
  • Transfer materials between stockrooms with a complete audit trail
  • Create an unlimited number of warehouse locations
  • Easily see where parts are utilized
  • Create sales orders to charge (sell) materials to internal departments
  • Track serialized parts and receive an automatic notification if a serialized part is under warranty
  • Cross-reference parts by manufacturer, vendors, and equipment
  • Review part usage graphically
  • Seamlessly integrate materials with work orders
  • Use requisitions and purchase orders to request and order materials
  • Create quotes to request materials and parts from vendors
  • Use blanket orders for just-in-time delivery
  • Order by one unit of measure and issue by another unit of measure (e.g. order by the case, issue individually)
  • Use interdepartmental sales and track backorders on these sales
  • Automatically charge parts to work orders upon their arrival
  • Convert quotes to requisitions or purchase orders
  • Track sales tax and freight
  • Maintain separate purchase requisition and purchase order records
  • Convert multiple requisitions to a single purchase order

Hazardous Material Tracking

  • Account for hazardous materials and refrigerants
  • Maintain details about your hazardous materials
  • Categorize hazardous materials for reporting and sorting

Stockroom Transactions

  • Issue stock to cost centers or work orders
  • Track sales to accounts using interdepartmental sales orders

Tool Crib Management

  • Inventory, track, and maintain records on expensive or critical tools
  • Check-out and check-in tools to specific workers and tasks
  • Schedule PM’s to check calibration
  • Maintain history of repairs on tools