Use compatible iPhones, iPods, and iPads as paperless alternatives for your organization

mobileTMA GO for iOS provides your technicians with the ability to carry their work orders and PMs on compatible iOS mobile devices. Technicians can spend their time completing work orders, performing PMs, and completing inspections*, instead of filling out paper forms or retyping data.

mobileTMA GO provides you with the ability to operate in an online/offline mode. When online, mobileTMA GO transmits data directly to the WebTMA database in real-time. When offline, data is stored on the iOS device and automatically synchronizes to the WebTMA database once an online connection is available.

Additionally, iOS devices with high-resolution cameras can take advantage of mobileTMA GO’s barcode scanning capability to further increase data accuracy and staff productivity. Streamline workflows by scanning bar codes associated with your physical assets, materials inventory*, and many other maintenance items supported by the system.

Features and Benefits

  • Download assigned work orders and PMs, viewing by priority
  • Create new work orders on the device and upload them to WebTMA
  • Review a history of previous work orders related to a maintenance-worthy item (when online)
  • Transfer completed work order information, including comments, labor, materials, and other charges, into WebTMA from the device
  • Create work requests for upload to WebTMA
  • Create inventory records for areas and equipment on the mobile device and transfer data to create records in WebTMA
  • Conduct a parts inventory from mobile devices that update WebTMA part records
  • Provide your technicians with the opportunity to spend less time in transit and more time working
  • Track labor worked on an assignment using the timer’s start and stop feature
  • Easily view PM task sheets directly on mobile devices
  • Use barcode scanners with mobile devices equipped with high-resolution cameras
  • Avoid missed steps using detailed checklists on work orders or PMs and record the results directly on the mobile device
  • Record meter readings on equipment or vehicles, which can trigger generation of PMs
  • Generate corrective work orders automatically when PM failure code is chosen
  • Determine failed data transfer from on-screen icons
  • Perform general inspections*, room inspections*, custodial inspections* and ground inspections* from the device

* Client must have licensed related optional modules for functionality to be active