Easily and effectively track and manage projects

Easily and effectively manage projects that require multiple work orders, budgets, and requisitions by tracking all costs, internal work, contract work, and purchases against a project. With WebTMA’s embedded Gantt charting tool, graphically set up a project and track an unlimited number of tasks and resources by task.

Projects such as construction, renovations, remodeling, etc. can be managed from within the system by using the Project Management module to share important data on personnel, parts, areas, and other resources.

Features and Benefits

  • Compare budgeted, estimated, and actual costs for the life of a project
  • Track all project costs for internal work, contract work, and purchases
  • Create Gantt charts for projects and project tasks
  • Track internal costs via work orders and external costs via requisitions
  • Set up and track an unlimited number of tasks with unlimited resources per task
  • Assign and track dependencies for tasks
  • Create detailed estimates for each task and resource
  • Create and attach multiple sub-projects to a major project
  • See all work orders and requisitions at-a-glance for a particular project
  • Easily report on projects with ready-to-run project reports
  • Convert pre-planned tasks into project work orders
  • Limit project approval to individuals with the proper authorization level
  • Post labor, materials, and other charges to work orders to automatically update the project