An efficient tool for inspecting rooms, offices, and areas within your facility

WebTMA’s Room Inspections module is an advanced tool for automating, simplifying, and streamlining the inspection process throughout your entire organization.

This valuable tool can be used to inspect rooms, offices, and areas within your facility. Using the Room Inspections module, you have the tools to easily record the presence and condition of assets in various locations throughout your organization.

Staff members can quickly and easily perform condition inspections, safety inspections, and move-in/move-out inspections. You can also automate and record inspection data for later analysis and potential billing for repairs and other charges.

With MobileRoom Inspections*, technicians can use a compatible mobile device to electronically complete inspections, eliminating the need to carry paper inspection forms – saving time and eliminating lost paperwork. Technicians can also upload inspection results for analysis.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides technicians a global checklist for inspections of rooms, offices, and areas within your facility assigned assets and areas
  • Reduce staff requirements by creating efficiencies during the inspection process
  • Shorten the inspection process and processing time
  • Eliminate paper waste when using mobileRoom Inspections* on a compatible mobile device
  • Easily generate reports on the condition and repairs necessary for specific locations
  • Automatically create work orders for items that need to be repair or replacement
  • Easily schedule staff for inspection of rooms, offices, and areas
  • Record inspection data using compatible mobile devices and transfer results directly to the WebTMA database*
  • Use numerous preformatted reports for fast and accurate inspection information
  • Allocate costs between room occupants for items that need repair or replacement
  • Design multiple customized inspection forms for different types of areas
  • Set up checklists for various inspection points within an area and define costs for repairs
  • Assign and track tasks to specific area inspectors

* Requires a license for MobileRoom Inspections