Manage your training program in the most effective manner possible 

WebTMA’s Training Program Management module is used to plan, request, evaluate, and track hours for training classes. Use the Training Program Management module to design full training programs for different categories of personnel – from new hire orientation to training for trade-related certifications. Managers and supervisors can easily request training for multiple individuals at one time and then monitor their compliance.

The Training Program Management module also accommodates the assignment of experienced technicians as trainers and tracks the indirect hours trainers and trainees spend in class.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintain control of all aspects of your training programs
  • Measure the effectiveness of your trainers
  • Track certification requirements to assure standards of compliance are being met
  • Organize curriculum into basic categories
  • Provide employees access to an easy-to-use online training request process
  • Schedule training for individuals or groups of employees at one time
  • Create and review class surveys online
  • Send automatic email notifications and reminders about upcoming classes or class details to trainees
  • Email surveys when a class is completed
  • Review attendance lists and pass/fail results for each class