Visualize your assets by integrating your CAD drawings with WebTMA

WebTMA’s Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) offers a feature-rich, easy-to-use solution for viewing your CAD drawings, organizing critical company data, and managing all levels of your facility. CAFM fully integrates your CAD drawings with your WebTMA maintenance management solution by organizing and linking data directly from your drawings to the WebTMA database.

Drawing Manager provides the ability to drill down to any drawing using an easy-to-use tree list. View drawings, redline drawings, and create links to other files, applications, and web pages.  Move Manager* coordinates occupant and asset relocation, facilitates tracking, and manages the changeover of assets and people by integrating all your information in a single transaction. Whether your move is as small as relocating an individual or as complex as moving an entire department, everything is executed with a single click.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce your costs with more effective space management
  • Improve your decision-making process using centralized data
  • Gain a comprehensive overview by visualizing your space
  • Empower managers with critical information about space and asset inventories while maintaining security through controlled database access
  • Visually locate assets, occupants, and room numbers with a single click
  • Query actual drawings for the most up-to-date space calculations
  • Report on space allocation by department and type of space

Maintenance Functions

  • Click a room number and create a work request or work order from any drawing
  • Generate needed work history reports directly from a drawing

Asset Management

  • Locate assets, including equipment, furniture, tools, telecommunications assets, and hazardous materials on the appropriate drawing
  • View asset inventories by room

Space Management

  • Import and add space records to the WebTMA database from your drawings
  • Calculate square footage and update space records from the drawing
  • Hatch spaces to show usage and departmental assignments

Move Management*

  • Minimize costs and maximize productivity by efficiently managing occupant and asset moves
  • Create simple or complex moves by adding occupants and selecting assets and additional items to be moved
  • Update all new occupant attributes such as new phone numbers and position codes, during move execution
  • Execute an entire move with a single click automatically generating a move history (audit trail)

Drawing Manager

  • View a detailed work history by clicking on the facility, infrastructure, or building
  • Drill down to any drawing using the easy-to-use tree list
  • View, redline, or link files, applications, and web pages directly from a drawing


  • Secure the WebTMA database using security access controls to prevent unauthorized viewing or changing of information

* Only available with WebTMA Plus