Integrate WebTMA and your accounting system with a proven integration tool

Collaboration with partners, suppliers, and customers is essential in today’s dynamic business environment and requires integration with multiple systems throughout the organization.  The Universal Financial Interface (UFI) enables easy integration of your operational maintenance chargeback data with your enterprise accounting system (i.e., SCT Banner, PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson Financials, and Oracle Financials). This proven integration process provides an end-to-end integration between WebTMA and your accounting system.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapidly integrate between WebTMA and your enterprise accounting system
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual data transfer
  • Increase accuracy with electronic transmittal of chargeback data
  • Achieve more timely remuneration of maintenance operation expenses
  • Simplify your overall integration efforts with a pre-built, user-configurable design
  • Create user-defined templates for different configurations as required by your enterprise accounting system
  • Validate account/budget codes to ensure that only valid data is being used