Integrate WebTMA and your Building Automation System with a proven integration tool

TMA recognizes the importance of integrating a customer’s Building Automation System with WebTMA to keep equipment operating at its peak performance and condition. 

The Universal Interface for Building Automation Systems enables organizations to import alarm and alert data from the Building Automation System when an event occurs. This data can then be used to automatically create a corresponding work request within WebTMA.  Additionally, easily import runtime hours from the Building Automation System for purposes of updating equipment meters and automated PM generation. 

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce equipment failures and downtime
  • Automatically create work requests as a response to alerts and alarm events
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual data transfers
  • Increase the effectiveness of your PM program through the use of runtime data
  • Simplify your overall integration efforts with a pre-built, user-configurable design