Import Other Charges into WebTMA with a proven integration tool

The Universal Interface for Other Charges enables organizations to import charges onto existing work orders in WebTMA.  The interface provides a configurable tool within WebTMA and a service that is easily installed and maintained. 

It is critical for all organizations to capture the “total” cost of the work order.  However, in many environments, this information is not stored in a single system and requires duplicate data entry to centralize work order costs.  The Universal Interface for Other Charges can be easily configured to import work order costs from external sources so that your WebTMA solution captures the total cost of maintenance activities.  

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for manual and duplicate data entry
  • Increase data accuracy with electronic transmittal of work order costs captured in external systems
  • Simplify your overall integration efforts with a pre-built, user-configurable design
  • Seamlessly input Other Charge costs into WebTMA for monitoring and analyzing maintenance operations
  • Create a user-defined template for importing Other Charge costs from an external data source