The ultimate solution for organizations that require the most advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) Solution available

WebTMA Plus is a mission-critical tool for organizations that need to effectively manage their assets and maintenance operations. Using WebTMA Plus, these organizations have the ability to account for, maintain, and extend the useful life of their physical assets throughout their entire life cycle — from purchase through disposal.

WebTMA Plus provides the advanced functionality that will make this product the ultimate solution for organizations that want their operations to perform with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. These organizations will be able to manage the workflow process from the planning stage to the completion of the job. Most importantly, these efficiencies can be benchmarked and measured in both cost and time.

WebTMA Plus uses multiple integrated software modules that include work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory control, project management, contract management, advanced asset management, and multiple repair/cost centers. In addition, the solution includes advanced features and functionality such as estimates, a stock replenishment wizard, a request log, parts allocation, work order redirect, and advanced split billing. With user-definable fields, you can easily fine-tune these modules to meet your organization's specific needs. The flexibility and robustness of WebTMA Plus will make this solution an invaluable asset to your organization.

WebTMA Plus can be hosted by your organization or can be purchased from TMA as a subscription service.

WebTMA Plus Base Modules

  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Equipment Management
  • Building Space and Asset Management
  • Linked Documents
  • Task Library with more than 350 preventive maintenance procedures
  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • Multiple Repair/Cost Centers
  • Hazardous Material Tracking
  • Estimates
  • Request Log
  • Reporting, Charting and Graphing
  • Materials Management
  • Stock Replenishment Wizard
  • Sales Order
  • Chargeback and Cost Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Refrigerant Management
  • Contract Management
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Time Management

WebTMA Plus Exclusive Functionality

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Purchase Cards (P-Cards)
  • Invoicing
  • A/R and A/P Payments
  • Advanced Split Billing
  • Labor Cost Adjustments
  • Sub-Ledger Browse
  • Batch Reversal
  • Rate Schedules
  • Advanced Materials Management
  • Change Orders
  • Advanced Failure Codes
  • Advanced Invoice Matching
  • Parts Allocation
  • Reorder Calculation Wizard
  • Asset Condition Index (ACI)
  • Work Order Redirect
  • Advanced Human Resources
  • Leave Management
  • Advanced Personnel Classification
  • Position and Salary History
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Linked Accounts
  • Journal Entries

WebTMA Plus is the ultimate solution for organizations that require the most advanced Maintenance Management and Asset Management functionality available.