TMA’s long-standing commitment is to provide software solutions for organizations that want to effectively manage their strategic physical assets and maintenance operations. WebTMA, TMA’s flagship product, is a leading-edge web-based software solution for facility professionals who recognize that effective “Asset Life Cycle Management” demands access to accurate, up-to-date information. This powerful information provides the basis for making informed, asset-driven decisions that are in the best interest of the organization. Most importantly, with this knowledge, these individuals can run their operations more efficiently, provide the highest level of service to their clients, and achieve the ultimate goal of improving their organization’s financial performance. Written using Microsoft® .NET technology, WebTMA is one of the most technologically advanced software products in the world.

WebTMA is a strategic solution for managing assets – it includes features and functionality for managing the people who maintain them, the parts and materials that support them, as well as the scheduling and execution of both preventive and corrective maintenance. The effective management of these critical assets can improve efficiency, reduce costs, optimize asset performance, and extend their useful lives. This comprehensive web-based solution has been developed based on input from more than 140,000 users that maintain more than 55,000 facilities. This embedded expertise, along with TMA’s thirty years of industry experience, has allowed TMA to create software solutions that incorporate asset management best practices throughout the entire application.

WebTMA’s modular offering provides unsurpassed scalability by offering you the ability to start small and grow with your needs, requirements, and demands. WebTMA has been developed with the ease-of-use for beginners yet, is robust enough to satisfy the needs of the most demanding facility management professional. For users who require even more comprehensive facilities-management features, TMA offers WebTMA Plus. WebTMA Plus provides a complete array of advanced functionality for organizations that have greater operational needs.


The WebTMA application provides the full functionality necessary for a comprehensive maintenance management solution, including managing work orders and developing a preventive maintenance program. This is a mission-critical tool for organizations that need to effectively manage their assets and maintenance operations. Using WebTMA, these organizations have the ability to account for, maintain, and extend the useful life of their physical assets throughout their entire life cycle — from purchase through disposal.

WebTMA includes the necessary functionality for organizations that want their operations to perform with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. These organizations will be able to manage the workflow process from the planning stage to completion of the job. Most importantly, these efficiencies can be benchmarked and measured in both cost and time.

WebTMA offers a variety of features and functionality, including work orders, preventive maintenance, equipment and asset management, fleet maintenance, a request log, multiple repair/cost centers, and more. With user-definable fields, you can easily fine-tune the application to meet your organization's specific needs.

WebTMA can be hosted by your organization or can be purchased from TMA as a subscription service.

WebTMA Plus

WebTMA Plus is a mission-critical tool for organization’s that need to effectively manage their assets and maintenance operations. Using WebTMA Plus, these organizations have the ability to account for, maintain, and extend the useful life of their physical assets throughout their entire life cycle — from purchase through disposal.

WebTMA Plus provides an entire array of advanced functionality that will make this product the ultimate solution for organizations that want their operations to perform with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. These organizations will be able to manage the workflow process from the planning stage to the completion of the job. Most importantly, these efficiencies can be benchmarked and measured in both cost and time.

WebTMA Plus uses multiple integrated software modules that include work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory control, project management, contract management, advanced asset management, and multiple repair/cost centers. In addition, the solution includes advanced features and functionality such as estimates, a stock replenishment wizard, request logs, parts allocation, work order redirect, and advanced split billing. With user-definable fields, you can easily fine-tune these modules to meet your organization's specific needs. The flexibility and robustness of WebTMA Plus will make this solution an invaluable asset to your organization.

WebTMA Plus can be hosted by your organization or can be purchased from TMA as a subscription service.

Additional Features Included with WebTMA and WebTMA Plus

My Dashboard

In addition, WebTMA and WebTMA Plus includes My Dashboard, an advanced tool that can be customized for each WebTMA user to provide information that is directly relevant to their job requirements and their use of the product. This powerful functionality can be configured to focus on technicians, supervisors, or administrative personnel. This is real-time information that is relevant and specific to the performance of their jobs.

Report Manager & Report Writer

The need to operate and manage an organization with knowledge, insight and confidence has never been greater. With any software solution, organizations invest time and energy in accumulating accurate and relevant data for making informed decisions.

WebTMA Report Manager and Report Writer are provided as standard features within WebTMA. The WebTMA Report Manager provides a comprehensive set of 600 pre-formatted reports that are ready to run right out of the box. Should you need to Create reports for your organization's specific needs (or to meet mandatory requirements for agencies such as Joint Commission, OSHA, ISO 9002 and the EPA) you can create them directly from the WebTMA Report Writer or by easily copying and modifying a pre-formatted report provided in the Report Manager.

With the WebTMA Report Manager and Report Writer, your reports can be easily generated on screen, sent to a printer, emailed, downloaded to Microsoft Excel files, or saved in formats such as HTML, images, or PDF.

Optional Modules

WebTMA offers a variety of optional modules, interfaces and integrations to enhance and improve your organization’s performance. This scalability provides you with the option to purchase the functionality you need as you need it. These additional modules, interfaces, and integrations have been developed specifically for WebTMA. Your solution will be self-configured to meet your organization’s needs and desires.

Request Management

WebTMA has two browser-based Service Request offerings. These two offerings allow your organization to enhance the submission, tracking, and disbursement of work requests, as well as improve your customer communications and response times. The standard Service Request module provides a variety of pre-formatted request forms that can be used right out of the box or can be modified by adding or removing basic fields. The Advanced Service Request module provides you the ability to have specialized layouts or more advanced capabilities for customizing the request form. Learn More

The optional Auto Attendant module is a workflow tool that may be configured to bypass the manual request to work order conversion and scheduling process by having the module apply a set of defined rules to the request. If auto-convert rules are met, the request will be auto-converted to a work order and the work order will be auto-scheduled to a trade or technician. Both processes occur in the background on the server after the transaction has been saved. Learn More

Materials Management

This advanced module provides the features and functionality necessary to efficiently and effectively monitor and manage materials. Organize and track inventory from the creation of a quote through issuing of a part against a work order or sales order. Learn More

Project Management

Manage construction, renovations, remodeling, and other facility projects from initiation to completion. Easily manage projects requiring multiple work orders, budgets, and project requisitions by tracking all costs, internal work, contract work, and purchases against a project. With Gantt charting, graphically set up a project and track an unlimited number of tasks and resources by activity. Learn More

Time Management

Graphically manage work schedules for technicians or crews by viewing current and future work orders graphically on a Gantt chart, on a calendar, or simply as a list view. Manage and easily change their direct labor and indirect labor (sick time, training time, etc.) based on priorities, work type, starting time, and ending time. Learn More

Contract Management

Manage the contract process and costs including work orders issued, contract history, and ratings related to past work performed by outside contractors. Learn More

Executive Dashboard

TMA’s Executive Dashboard is a dynamic tool that furnishes decision-makers with real-time access to the critical information necessary to make timely, data-driven decisions. Easily see the data that is important to you and your role within the organization. These configurable screens display numerous Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in various formats including tables, charts, graphs, and digital gauges. Learn More

Mobile Solutions

Enhance the user experience utilizing WebTMA Mobile Solutions. This state-of–the-art technology has the features and functionality to significantly improve productivity and service to your customers. These solutions help organizations become more productive by allowing technicians and supervisors to perform a variety of work duties in the field. These include electronically managing their work orders, performing inspections, and accessing other facility information through an entire array of phones and tablets utilizing iOS, Android or Windows platforms. Learn More

Room Inspections

An advanced tool that automates, simplifies, and streamlines the inspection process for rooms, offices, and areas throughout your organization. Easily perform condition inspections, safety inspections, and move-in/move-out inspections. In addition, automate and record inspection data for later analysis and potential billing for repairs and other charges. Learn More

General Inspections

Streamline the inspection process for any maintenance-worthy items by automating and simplifying the inspection process throughout your entire organization. General Inspections includes a global checklist for confirming completion of a series of tasks. In addition, utilizing handheld devices*, technicians can easily complete inspections in the field and upload inspection results for analysis. Learn More

Key Management

Efficiently manage vital security information concerning keys, cylinders, key holders and key access for rooms, equipment, vehicles, entities, tools, and other assets. Key information is tracked for both areas and related to the movement of keys held by individuals. Learn More

Custodial Management

Simplify and streamline custodial services throughout your entire organization. This powerful tool efficiently manages your custodial staff, workflow processes (routes), and cleaning supplies, while capturing all your facility management costs in a single integrated database. Learn More

Grounds Management

Effectively manage grounds and landscaping services by tracking and scheduling all grounds services and costs in a single integrated database.  Learn More

Utility Services Management

Centralize information about location and energy usage and easily access information about the facility's transformers and meters. Track weather fluctuations and record the average temperature for the month. This valuable information helps you perform analysis related to budgeted amounts compared to the actual amounts spent on energy. Learn More

Facility Scheduler

A robust tool for reserving and scheduling rooms, tools, equipment, AV assets, and infrastructure items, such as athletic fields and swimming pools. Reservations are initiated using data entry windows and availability can be determined through a graphical timeline calendar interface showing items reserved or scheduled. Learn More

Event Scheduler

Easily track and schedule event information by assigning resources including physical location and resources such as equipment, vehicles, and audio-visual equipment. Automatically notifies users of conflicts when creating work orders on spaces or resources. Learn More

Lease Management

Track details of lease records for both landlord and tenant. This includes lease amendments, property tax information, responsible parties, and appraisals and estimates on values. Once lease data is accumulated, generate invoices and lease schedules, track payment history and track payee information. Learn More

Capital Projects

Improve project planning and accelerate project schedules by identifying funding priorities, reducing project schedule overruns, streamlining project cost accounting and having the analytics necessary for effectively managing capital projects. Learn More

Capital Planning

Maximize future return-on-investment for capital assets by properly managing the capital investment process. This includes developing detailed capital plans across single or multiple budget years. The module accommodates maintenance backlog and cyclic renewal data from facilities audits. Learn More

IT Service Management

Track and account for assets related to network and IT infrastructure including computers, servers, switches, routers, peripherals, and software. Review sub-assemblies, related parts and costs, work orders, and depreciation related to computer networks, computers, peripheral equipment, and software.  Learn More

Knowledge Base

A powerful tool to assist users in troubleshooting problems in the field using past experience through a catalog of solutions that is specific to the type of work or task being performed. Your organization has the ability to define a series of questions that lead to problem resolution. Learn More


This feature-rich, easy-to-use solution provides you with the ability to view CAD drawings, organize critical company data, and manage all levels of the facility. Fully integrate CAD drawings with your WebTMA solution by organizing and linking data directly from your drawings to the WebTMA database. Learn More

Fleet Management

Maximize the value of fleets and motor pools by effectively managing these valuable assets. Easily track vehicle information, reservations, rentals and, billing charges. Reservations can be for a specific vehicle or a type of vehicle. Upon return of vehicle, create a work order for cleaning or any necessary repairs. Learn More

Fleet Dispatch

Efficiently manage all aspects of an organization’s pickup and delivery by streamlining activities such as bus routes, trash pickup, scheduled and on-demand delivery of materials/goods, and personnel transfers. This can be for an unlimited number of vehicles at sites such as military bases, large industrial sites, or university campuses. Learn More

Training Program Management

Easily plan, request, evaluate, and track hours for training classes. Design full training programs for different categories of personnel – from new hire orientations to training for required certifications. Learn More

GIS Solutions

A seamless solution that offers geospatial context related to maintenance operations and asset locations by providing a bi-directional integration with Geographical Information System (GIS). Workflow processes are streamlined because users can easily view workloads, location information and history pertaining to their assets and infrastructure (entities, buildings, etc.) via a map. Learn More

Mass Import Tool

This tool allows you to import or update maintenance worthy items such as: equipment, vehicles, assets, tools, biomed equipment, IT equipment, etc. from an Excel worksheet. Learn More

Archive & Purge

Manage WebTMA data by selecting transactions or groups of transactions to archive or purge when necessary. The features include the ability to control the amount of data purged by grouping records into smaller batches. With smaller archive batches, organizations can tag specific types or records and retain the tagged batches even though others are purged from the same date range. To prevent archiving records of importance, this module supports the option of marking individual records ineligible for archiving. Learn More 

SMS Messaging

Utilize SMS messaging to notify technicians of their scheduled work or to update customers on the status of their work. This simple tool enhances the notification process, improving response times and communications. Learn More


Interfaces and Integrations

Universal Financial Interface

The Universal Financial Interface (UFI) enables you to easily integrate your operational maintenance chargeback data with your enterprise accounting system, such as SCT Banner, PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson Financials, and Oracle Financials. Learn More

Universal Procurement Interface

The Universal Procurement Interface (UPI) enables organizations to integrate WebTMA with many popular procurement applications currently available. The interface includes syncing vendor information, exporting purchase requisitions, and importing purchase order information. Learn More

BIM Interface

The BIM Interface enables facility professionals to connect Autodesk® Revit® models to WebTMA to help them manage space, plan maintenance, and more. As a building evolves, the interface helps organizations eliminate information loss, and leverage the data in their BIM models to improve communication and collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers. Learn More

ECRI Interface

Medical facilities who subscribe to the UMDNS™ data provided by ECRI, can utilize the WebTMA ECRI interface to easily access this data. Import only the items you use for utilization in the WebTMA database. WebTMA also provides a Device Alerts window to help you keep up with product alerts published by ECRI. Learn More

medTester Interface

The WebTMA medTester Interface provides a link used to transfer periodic safety check information directly to the medTester 5000® Model C. Easily upload completed checks to WebTMA at any time. Learn More

StarRez Interface

The WebTMA StarRez Interface provides the ability to configure bi-directional communication between StarRez and WebTMA for the purpose of streamlining the Room Closure and Room Turnaround process. Learn More


The RSMeans Interface provides the ability to transfer real-time data between RSMeans and WebTMA. Utilizing the licensed RSMeans data, you will have the most accurate data for estimating coasts related to work requests, work orders, projects, and capital planning. Learn More