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Chicago Public Schools Selects TMA as Their Maintenance Management Tool

TULSA, OK, June 30, 2020 – Chicago Public Schools, the third largest school district in the United States, has selected to partner with TMA after an exhaustive CMMS selection process. CPS believes TMA’s new product, WebTMA v7 will help them meet their goals related to providing the highest level of service for both facilities’ maintenance and custodial operations. Having an integrated solution that met both these needs was a significant reason for their decision to partner with TMA.

“We were looking for a CMMS that worked well for large-scale educational institutions. We felt WebTMA v7 and the advanced mobile solutions offered by TMA would meet or exceed our needs” stated Clarence Carson, Chief Facility Officer at CPS.

John C. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of TMA Systems, stated, “working with the CPS Team has been very rewarding. The strong partnership that has been formed between TMA and CPS will serve both organizations well related to providing an innovative solution for CPS’s 642 schools.”

About TMA Systems

For more than 30 years, TMA Systems has been recognized as a world-class provider of advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). These software solutions have been developed for organizations that want to effectively manage their assets and streamline their maintenance operations. Our leading-edge solutions are a key tool for managers who recognize that maintaining their facilities’ assets and providing the highest level of service are imperative in meeting the high standards demanded by their organizations. Most importantly, the information generated by these solutions will provide managers with the ability to make better decisions, run operations more efficiently, and achieve the ultimate goal — improve their organizations’ financial performance.

Worldwide, more than 1,500 TMA clients maintain in excess of 55,000 facilities, representing 4.5 billion square feet of space. TMA’s products, along with world-class services, are key reasons TMA is the preferred solution for facility professionals throughout the world. TMA’s advanced solutions meet or exceed the needs of education, healthcare, corporate, government, telecommunication, transportation, manufacturing, and retail organizations.

About Chicago Public Schools

Beginning with modest structures in the early nineteenth century, Chicago’s schools have performed an increasing variety of functions, from providing literacy to monitoring the health and physical development of students, Americanizing immigrants, and addressing problems of social and economic inequality. Education has meant not only reading, writing, and arithmetic but also vocational education and preparation for citizenship, including lessons about fairness and good behavior, moral purposes the schools have always served.

Today Chicago Public Schools is the third largest school district in the United States.  CPS is only smaller than Los Angeles Unified School District and New York City Public Schools.  For the 2019–2020 school year, CPS reported overseeing 642 schools, including 477 elementary schools and 165 high schools; of which 514 were district-run, 118 were charter schools, 9 were contract schools and one was a SAFE school.  The district serves over 355,000 students.   In recent years, CPS has led the nation in test score improvement (improved at a faster rate compared to 96% of all school districts in the country) and as of 2020 had an all-time high graduation rate.