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Georgia Tech Migrates from Breeze to TMA Systems for Their Custodial Operations

TULSA, OK, March 12, 2017 – As a result of the continued benefits being realized by Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), it was recently announced by their Facilities Department that they will begin implementation of WebTMA within their custodial operations. Georgia Tech has successfully utilized WebTMA as their Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for over fifteen years.  

Georgia Tech’s decision to go with WebTMA stemmed in large part from the benefits other university departments have received by their use of WebTMA, as well as TMA’s ability to easily migrate their existing application (Breeze) to the new custodial application.  Another critical factor for Georgia Tech was providing a solution that could be embraced by users as a positive change to their existing method of custodial operations.  WebTMA met these objectives because of its ease-of-use as well as the broad set of features offered by the application.

The new system is viewed as an important tool that will enhance workers’ productivity by allowing Georgia Tech to more effectively manage their custodial operations.  John C. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of TMA Systems, stated, “Our successful relationship with Georgia Tech proved that TMA could effectively perform the job. We appreciate their continued confidence in our organization.”

About TMA Systems

For more than 30 years, TMA Systems has been recognized as a world-class provider of advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). These software solutions have been developed for organizations that want to effectively manage their assets and streamline their maintenance operations. Our leading-edge solutions are a key tool for managers who recognize that maintaining their facilities’ assets and providing the highest level of service are imperative in meeting the high standards demanded by their organizations. Most importantly, the information generated by these solutions will provide managers with the ability to make better decisions, run operations more efficiently, and achieve the ultimate goal — improve their organizations’ financial performance.

Worldwide, more than 1,500 TMA clients maintain in excess of 55,000 facilities, representing 4.5 billion square feet of space. TMA’s products, along with world-class services, are key reasons TMA is the preferred solution for facility professionals throughout the world. TMA’s advanced solutions meet or exceed the needs of education, healthcare, corporate, government, telecommunication, transportation, manufacturing, and retail organizations.

About Georgia Institute of Technology

The Office of Facilities Management is a unit of the Division of Administration and Finance. We support operational excellence through innovative and efficient physical infrastructure services for Georgia Institute of Technology.

Our department includes three sub-departments that service the campus: Design & Construction, Operations & Maintenance, and Environmental Health & Safety. These teams manage the architectural design of buildings, the construction of capital and general projects throughout campus, utilities, and the overall maintenance of buildings and grounds and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. We are a team of dedicated professionals responsible for providing sustainable, safe, and well-maintained facilities throughout the campus.