Strategic planning for your capital investments

The Capital Planning module is a powerful tool created to improve your organization’s ability to maximize its future return-on-investment by properly managing the capital investment process.

The Capital Planning module is designed to help organizations develop detailed capital plans across single or multiple budget years. The module supports the tracking of internal or third-party condition audits, facility condition audit records, maintenance/deferred backlog items, and cyclic renewal items.

The capital required to improve the condition of facility assets is often one of an organization’s largest expenses. It is critical to employ a strategic plan for your capital investments. The Capital Planning module provides the ability to summarize this information using powerful methods for simplifying this complex data visually using interactive Excel graphs and a variety of pertinent reports. The resulting data can be presented to management in an easy-to-understand format so effective, defensible funding requests can be created.

The key to producing accurate numbers in your capital plans comes from detailed estimates for asset repair and replacement of items. Thorough maintenance backlog documentation and long-range renewal planning at any facility is a massive undertaking. This effort involves a significant amount of input from your maintenance staff. Collecting and documenting this information, as overwhelming as it seems, is straightforward with the Capital Planning module.

The biggest advantage the Capital Planning module has over standalone Facility Condition Audit (FCA) software or other capital planning packages is that its design is fully integrated into a world-class computerized maintenance system (WebTMA). Summarized data from the module can be pushed to six powerful Excel worksheets designed to allow “what if” scenarios to be executed so the impact of specific funding scenarios can be visually analyzed by budget officers and facility managers.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a clear process to prioritize capital planning projects
  • Review annual, biennial, and five-year plans 
  • Forecast project planning for up to 20 years into the future
  • Separate backlogs (BMAR) from improvements (FACIMP) funding
  • Use UniFormat assembly categories
  • Justify funding requests by projecting capital improvements and renewals
  • Graphically show the impact of underfunding an operational budget for maintenance and replacement of buildings and infrastructure
  • Show the gaps between funding for capital asset maintenance and proper capital investment
  • Present a persuasive and credible argument for extending the life of your organization’s physical assets
  • Push summarized data from the Capital Planning module to six powerful Excel worksheets for applying “what if” scenarios
  • Simplify complex data visually with interactive Excel graphs and reports
  • Integrates with the WebTMA Capital Project module