Seamlessly integrate WebTMA with your StarRez solution and improve workflow automation

The WebTMA StarRez Interface provides near real-time, bi-directional communications between StarRez and WebTMA for the purpose of streamlining the work request and work order process.

Work orders created by students and staff in StarRez are automatically transferred and converted to work requests in WebTMA for automatic* or manual conversion to work orders.  As the maintenance department updates the work order in WebTMA, the work order status is electronically transferred to and updated in StarRez.  Additionally, common details for each work order that originated in StarRez are shared between StarRez and WebTMA, making it very easy to cross-reference and look up the work order in both systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Provide residents one consolidated online solution for all their housing related work orders
  • Receive near real-time updates on the status of work orders in StarRez as maintenance technicians update the status in WebTMA
  • Automate the export of work orders to WebTMA created by students and staff
  • Filter exported work orders by building and maintenance category
  • Minimize student phone calls and emails asking for work order status updates
  • Eliminate redundant messaging and communication between Residence Life and the Maintenance Department
  • Remove the need for technical resources and custom development via intuitive, built-in configuration tools

* Requires the Auto Attendant module for automatic conversion of a work request to a work order